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Emotion Code/Body Code/Belief Code


What are Emotion, Body & Belief Code?
It is a holistic method created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which proposes that intense emotions that the body cannot process remain lodged in it, helping to block the flow of energy and can cause various physical, mental and emotional problems, and releasing them can Help the body find balance.

During the session the Practitioner will ask questions that the recipient's subconscious mind will answer through a pendulum or kinesiology and in this way will be able to identify emotions, beliefs or imbalances in the body in order to release them and contribute to its balance.

Does it work remotely?
Energy transcends distance, the opening of the Receiver and the intention of the Practitioner is enough to carry out a session, since a subtle energy connection is established between the two, which allows them to find and release no matter where they are.

How is the session carried out?
Once your payment has been made, contact us by WhatsApp to make the appointment and on the agreed day and time you will receive a link for a video call. It can also be done by phone, or if you cannot attend simply with your permission, name, photo and age. For minors, work is done through their parents or family members with their parents' authorization.

Disclaimer: Secrets for Health and its practitioner Mariana Guerrero do not guarantee the results you may have with any of the techniques, the results of each person vary and may be very different from the testimonials.

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