Mariana Guerrero G



Since working with Mariana I feel more focused, happy, with more energy and health. She has impressive training in the therapies she offers, but she is also a beautiful person full of wisdom, joy and empathy, with what I would call a Divine connection.

Claudia Escudero

Mariana is an exceptional practitioner, well-trained in both the Code of Emotion and the Code of Body. In just 6 sessions, my life and my energetic field were dramatically altered; the walls of my heart crumbled, and trapped emotions were finally released. I felt like a renewed person. I don't know how she does it, but it really works!

Costa Rica

After having intense pain in the head of a neural type, which had already been going on for 7 days, without being able to obtain a diagnosis or any relief. In the first session of LNT therapy I experienced relief that no traditional treatment had given me until now, it is incredible how the pain disappeared. .

Juana Zárate

At first, I was skeptical when they told me about therapy, but my first encounter with Mariana on February 14th completely changed my life. I began to perceive and understand things that I had never even considered before. Therapy has been transformative; it has helped me overcome challenging obstacles and allowed me to open up to new experiences and perspectives. It has provided me with a space to let go of the negative and embrace the positive in my life. Mariana is an exceptional therapist both professionally and personally. Sometimes, we need to believe to be able to see clearly amidst the distractions of the world.

Fernanda Díaz

I’m originally from Egypt. I highly recommend Mariana to anyone. I started working with her and immediately noticed positive changes in areas I never thought could be addressed. Even my family in Egypt, who don’t speak English or Spanish, noticed the difference in the sessions conducted remotely. My mom, who usually doesn’t seek help or trust therapies, now asks me to schedule sessions with Mariana for her physical issues. What sets Mariana apart is her diverse certifications and experiences in various therapies. She incorporates her extensive knowledge during sessions, providing exceptional service. She is generous, honest, and ensures you feel safe in her hands. Working with Mariana is truly recommended.

Norma Halim

Since I started using the Body Code system, I have been able to achieve very concrete and favorable changes in my life that I hadn't been able to heal using other techniques. It required a deeper, internal healing of emotions that needed to be released, and through Body Code, I found the most suitable way to work on it. For example, since I was very young, I lived in terror thinking about death (such a big topic), and finally, I managed to overcome it in just a couple of sessions, as if a weight had been lifted off me. Likewise, we have made significant progress in addressing my son's emotions, leading to a substantial improvement in the overall family environment. Thank you very much for everything, Mariana. I highly recommend it without a doubt.


I came to Secrets for Health with lower back pain, and I've released my emotions, and the pain disappeared. I continue with the therapies as it helps me elevate my consciousness. Today, I am in a state of peace and see my emotions outside of myself. I appreciate Mariana for sharing her extensive knowledge of the Code of Emotions.


I look up for Mariana for an emotional issue affecting my career. However, she noticed an even more urgent and serious problem. In the first session, Mariana identified and addressed that issue. The change was astounding. I realized how that problem had been impacting all areas of my life, including my career. Mariana pinpointed the causes and helped me release the emotions. Her intervention was so significant that it altered a crucial decision that would have had lasting consequences. She literally saved me. Mariana is an exceptional professional and a wonderful person. Meeting her and receiving her therapies has been a true blessing. The positive changes I've experienced are evident in my daily life.

Ana C

 Throughout the 7 sessions I've had with Mariana Guerrero, my life has taken a turn towards peace and tranquility in my four bodies: the emotional, the mental, the physical, and the spiritual. We began by working on a car accident that my daughter experienced; the shock has disappeared, as well as my fear that something might happen to her. That fear and attachment to her are gone. We worked on my relationship with my mother, and things have improved tremendously. All of this brings me much peace. I am very grateful to Mariana and her work. My daughters are now also in therapy with her. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Patricia de la Peña