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The New LNT® Therapy

What is LNT®?

LNT® is a quantum energy transmission protocol channeled and created more than 30 years ago by Phillipe Schwiderski, which provides your energetic body with the balance it needs on a physical or emotional level and can help you overcome various ailments. IT DOES NOT SUBSTITUTE MEDICAL TREATMENTS, it seeks to complement the body's homeostasis processes from a holistic perspective.

How is the session carried out remotely?

There are two ways to receive the energy, the first is a live in-person session, where the person receiving it is sitting and the Practitioner is sending the energy at that moment, and they may or may not be connected by computer. This modality requires one session every 15 days.

The other way to receive it is from a distance while you sleep, here you check with a pendulum how many sessions your body requires per week and for how many weeks and the energy body of the Practitioner is programmed to send the energy on the agreed day and time. These sessions are sold in a package per month, since they require a greater frequency than live in-person sessions.

Disclaimer: Secrets for Health and its practitioner Mariana Guerrero do not guarantee the results you may have with any of the techniques, the results of each person vary and may be very different from the testimonials.

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